Usability of optometry record systems

I had a busy day today and one of the appointments was at the eye doctor.  I watched him inputing data into the computer and asked him about the system they used.  As it so happens, the system was new and he was less than thrilled with it.  All optometrists have to conform to a standard system of reporting and this system has all the requirements. However, it was not what the doctor was used to or really wanted.  He pointed out, “If I put something in wrong, it won’t let me continue.”  Now, it wasn’t that the doctor was wrong, but rather that as the doctor, he had a certain flow to the way he kept records and this system was not close. ” I can’t write where and what I want with this thing, its annoying because I have to do what it wants and not what I want to do.” Sitting next to him on the desk was a folder with handwritten  notes in it.  Seems redundant to me.  Why can’t they input this new system, put it on an ipad, and let him write in the margins? The system gets what it wants, the doctor gets what he wants and everybody’s happy.  Much happier anyway than me sitting in the dark while the doctor clicks and types and reads red messages and retypes and reclicks.

(I have paraphrased what the doctor said as my memory is not so good.)

The name of the system was RevolutionEHR.  If anyone has any experience with it please let us know if this doctors reaction was a usual one!

I sadly can’t give you a screenshot of the system since I can’t buy it  but here is a screen shot of the systems  website.


    1. Here is a “like” for Ramya’s comment, and a note that these systems are notoriously rude and hard to use. I wonder if it’s because of a lack of competition in the medical software market, just like Blackboard?

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