Genicap Website Usability

I showed the splash page during our presentation on home pages the other day but it just has so many problems I wanted to share it with you in more detail.

First, a recap of last week. It has a splash screen to greet you with the four logos for its four sections/pages? So you must apparently know what each of the sections are and also you must scroll down to see the bottom G logos. Both are not good design.


Ok, so we click a G. What is this now? Indeed, it is a small link at the top left of the page you must click to access the navigation for the site. The bottom of the page explains how to work the site (more or less). If you have to explain how to work your site, your site is way too complicated. Also, you would expect on the navigation page to be able to click links. Well you are wrong! There isn’t a link to be had on the navigation page. You have to click one of the G’s at the top, assuming you can understand what section each G represents.

Also, here is what happens when you click the Contact link.  I didn’t even see the actual contact information at first because I assumed the small words at the bottom of the page were the copyright information.

Such a shame, they are technologically minded company but didn’t give too much of a  thought to how their website users would be able to interact with their site. It looks pretty but makes me think to hard.

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  1. Oh, that’s a G… this homepage fails miserably at answering the key questions:
    What does this site do? What can I do here? Where do I start?
    I still don’t understand what those things are, but I won’t put in the work to find out.

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