Mighty Mouse not so Mighty

I was glancing around the room to see if anything here could inspire me for a good or bad example of usability when my usb extender caught my eye. (This is my opinion on its usability, others may not see the same problems) Here is the scenario:

1. I have a white macbook that is six years old.  (Old enough that it is made with the old style of plastic that cracks easily.)

2. My mouse is not wireless, it is wired.

3. The USB ports on a Mac are on the left side.

4. I am right handed.

5. The Mighty Mouse has the shortest cord…ever.

In order to use my mouse I must plug in a USB extender or be continually annoyed by tugging on the mouse due to the length of its cord. In retrospect, I should have gotten a wireless mouse but it was my first mac book and I had no idea that the cord would be that short.  (I’m not a fan of forever buying batteries)

Also, the Mighty mouse has a tiny trackball that gets dirty and stops working just by using it.  I’m not talking about eating a bag of Cheetos and scrolling that little trackball to my hearts content, but just normal mouse scrolling causes the wheel to stick.

My solution? I don’t use my mouse most of the time. 😦 I will be better informed for my next computer/mouse purchase. (Anyone use a Magic mouse? It looks better)

Poor usability= me not using it.  All it would take for better usability was a longer cord and a trackball design that doesn’t get dirty so easy! ( They eliminated the trackball for scrolling in their next mouse so apparently it was better to just remove that completely)




  1. So when you say that you’re not using it, does that mean you’re not using a mouse at all now? and just using the track pad? Cause there are literally thousands of mice out there that would easily solve your problems. I’ve always felt that Apple has tried to design for looks rather than usefulness anyway.

    1. A majority of the time, I do not use a mouse with my Macbook. I use a mouse with our desktop PC though. (PC is used for gaming and general internet) My macbook is used mostly for Word and internet browsing. If I have a labor intensive program I need to use, I go to an on campus lab. At this point to, so late in what I fear will be its life, I don’t know if I can merit purchasing a mouse for it when I don’t know if I’ll end up with another macbook or a pc. Aesthetics are definitely one of the most important thing for Apple design. (I should write another point about using white for their cases. Just normal use of the white macbooks makes your keys look dirty!)

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