Ford Keyfree login

The Ford Keyfree login is a potentially nifty (and/or possibly risky) application that stores all your passwords to websites.   I find (like most of the bloggers out there chatting about this) that this concept while rather useful and convenient is also setting off little alarm bells.  How do they handle someone stealing your phone?  Do you get to choose what passwords it stores or does it automatically sync up and store every single password, including your bank passwords?

The application is still under construction but I intend to keep an eye out for this.  Seeing their solutions could provoke a wave in technology where passwords are replaced by our phones presence.  Who knows where else this technology could lead?

If you want to read a better description, check out a nice one at UsabilityGeek.

Also, it is a car company that created this and that should say something as well.  While creating easier usability for their own cars (their remote start and unlock applications) they also focused on something out of their general area.  If they succeed, perhaps Ford will branch out beyond the auto industry?

This application is currently in beta testing in France.  So, if anyone with some nice french language skills wants to test it out, please let us know what you think!

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