Oct. 31st Reading not so scary.

Chapter 14 was very broad and its topics could be found in just about any other book discussing research.  It focused on preparing for your research session.  There really isn’t anything there that is special only to UX testing.  I did like the part about compensating your participants with a t-shirt that says, “I survived (some name)’s usability testing.” I think I would like that t-shirt.

Chapter 15 was about how to run the actual testing.  Again, it wasn’t something that was specialized to just UX testing but its always more or less nice to review the steps of how to approach your participant properly. the phrase, “allow some time for co-discovery partners to get to know each other and do a little bonding…” makes me think of taking two puppies and putting them in a box together.  Get to know each other now! The comment about deciding what counts as an error is a good one and should be determined before testing begins.

Overall, these two chapters were an overall look at the actual testing itself, what to do, how to do it, when and to whom you should do it to. As always though, the answer is mostly, “It depends”.  I think that really is the motto of UX testing and design.


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