Flickr’s accessibility to Employers

The other day I was asked to upload an image gallery to my employers website.   I had all the photos and decided to try and make a Flickr album and just link to the album rather than go through the hassle of asking people to change the coding I do not have permission to edit in our website. We use Adobe Contribute to upload new content and there is no function to allow us to easily put a gallery in, however Adobe Contribute is a different story.

When I go to Flickr, I start to make an account.

What is this? I must have or make a Yahoo, Facebook, or Google account? This is my employer’s business not myself, my employer does not have its own social media and is not interested in making another email account to keep track of. So, because they won’t allow a regular email address, I must use something completely different.  It would have been so easy to use my employer’s regular email address as the owner of the album since I cannot use my own as they would need to access it.  Because they cater their business towards social media and a specific type of email account, it is more difficult for employers to utilize this feature.  While it seems like a smaller usability error, it did mean that I chose not to use it.

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