Nov. 7th reading.

This weeks reading was regarding analysis and reporting your evaluation.

Chapter 16 was rather boring and I don’t think the authors said anything that really stood out.  I suppose the concept of a symptom versus a problem was interesting but the rest of the chapter seemed to read more like, “How do you analyze data? You analyze it.”  I understand it is difficult to describe the process of analysis but I found this rather uninteresting.

Chapter 17 brought up the CIF standard of reporting which is essentially the normal standard of reporting so nothing really new there.  The CIF for qualitative research was basically, “it depends” though.  The chapter also notes you can report individual problems and can include video clips if they are important.  I am not certain who is reading this and are happy they now have permission to use video clips in their report.  It also goes into how you should cater your report to your audience and not use jargon.  You also shouldn’t demean your audience and avoid blaming.

Both this weeks and last weeks seemed to be more of the use your common sense chapters.  I was not really impressed by these as I don’t think they actually gave any really good advice other than common sense.  I think I would search elsewhere for tips on how to create my report.

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  1. Tullis and Albert Measuring the User Experience might be a good option. Your book has useful information, too, but I think you’re getting tired of it.

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