Good usability, Google Drive

I am rather fond of minimalism.  I like having to put forth the least amount of effort to achieve my goals.  Something that I am rather fond of is Google Drive.  Not only is cloud technology incredibily convenient in that I can access it beyond my own computer, but its being utilized in a way that is simply perfect for me.  There are no frills, nor major issues with signing up and in fact, once you have your gmail account, you’re good to go! To the left there is a menu with two main icons, a create button and an upload button.  The upload button is a little hard-drive I think but the arrow that points upwards, as if pointing from the hard-drive to the computer, is super helpful, indicating “hey, take a file from your hard-drive and put it in here!”  Then, if you click on it you get the ability to upload your files from your computer or another drive.  It uploads and appears in the list.  Super convenient and to the point.  My kind of usability.  You can even organize them according to the date they were modified and organize them into folders.

If you don’t have a google drive, you should get one.  Never hurts to back things up and it’s super easy to use.

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