UX Booth’s “The Grammar of Interactivity”

The UX booth blog published an article recently discussing the  Grammar of Interactivity.  I highly recommend the read.  It’s quick and informative.

In particular, I really liked the distinction they made between when to use “You or Your” versus “My or I” when designing an interaction between user and website.  Use “you” or “your” when the website wants the user to do something.  For example, “choose your state” or “write your comment here”.  Use “My” or “I” when the user is telling the website what to do such as, “Save my work and quit” or “Search for my printer”.


Wilty-Wilt is a delightful phrase for testing what type of button you need and stands for “would you like to?/I would like to”. The acronym for their test (WYLTIWLT) reminds me of the WWJD question and even made me come up with an answer: What would Jesus do? Build a better experience!

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