10 Lessons The Blues Brothers Can Teach Us About UX

I’ve been reading through some of UX Mastery’s links on their twitter feed @uxmastery. I found this article delightful and present  for your reading enjoyment, “10 Lessons The Blues Brothers Can Teach Us About UX” by Matthew Magain.

In particular I found number seven to be applicable to any situation. Be prepared for collateral damage. Not everyone is going to like what you do/design.  The question remains, does it work? Can it be improved? Are the complaints reasonable? Don’t be afraid to reassess at any time.  Designers aren’t gods, they can make errors in judgement. At the same time, don’t be afraid to stand your ground when it is merited. If it works, it works, regardless of how people feel about it.  Like all things though, its all about balance.  But remember, sometimes people complain just to complain or just because its something new.  This is when you smile, nod your head and say you will take a look at their complaint. Take a look, nod your head if you’re right, shake your head if you’re wrong and fix it and move on.  The world is full of opinions and yours, with your experience and skills, is one them.

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