GOG.com. A website built as if the builders had to use it.

Here is a quick example of some clever touches that makes me (as a user) really appreciate the care taken in the creation of  this site. It is rather surprising to say this, but it’s built in a way that lets me know that the designers of this site actually do USE it, not just build it.  I’ll give two quick examples which made me far more happy than you think it would. (Perhaps it’s because I feel as if they read my mind and gave me exactly what I needed without asking?)
Here we have a screenshot snippet of a list of games that are on sale from GOG.com.


And here at the bottom of the list we have…a list of the games I already own! It still wants me to know that those games are on sale, but doesn’t want me to waste my time sorting through my library. Brilliant and efficient!


I’ve only just begun exploring this website but I’ll leave you with one more example that made me happy. An English version of their legal user agreement. GogUser agreement

My wish for you: May your user agreements always have “English” versions.

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