Original Portfolio


Graduate Work

This section of the portfolio contains four separate usability reports I participated in creating in my graduate studies.  At the beginning of each report is an executive summary of what the report was about, skills I learned, and my personal contributions to the report.

You can view the Full Usability Portfolio which contains all four reports or pick and choose by individual reports.  These were group projects and for some reports I have included a gallery selecting portions I specifically created or highlighting portions integral to the report.

Usability Report 1: Inspecting, evaluating and determining usability issues related to heuristics in a website. Rating the severity of the usability flaw and describing the usability flaw. Suggesting methods for improving the usability flaw. Presenting a heuristic evaluation report.

The topic of the report is a heuristic evaluation of the Purdue Owl Website.

Full Report 1

Usability Report 2:: Creating a persona, Creating a scenario, Creating a use case, Determining design requirements.

The topic of the report is to present recommendations and design requirements for an online social media hub.

Full Report 2

Usability Report 3:: Creating a concept, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Storyboarding, explaining design choices.

The topic of this report is to generate concepts and visual guidelines for the creation of a website focused on the creation and maintenance of a user’s online identity.

Full Report 3 

Usability report 4:: Guiding the participant through the survey and answering participant questions. Analyzing the qualitative data and generating our themes for the website. Formatting our report’s presentation of data. As a team, generating the report together and editing various sections attributed to other group members.

The topic of the report is designing, conducting and reporting usability testing of the College of Technology’s Computer Graphics Technology website from the perspective of prospective undergraduate students with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities and women.

Full Report 4

Graphic Design

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