Usability of new vacuum

I had a usability issue with my new vaccum cleaner the other day.  I was merrily vaccuming our little rug with the handheld vaccuum when the little brush stopped spinning. How odd. So I take a look at it, clean it out, and can’t figure out why it stopped. Then I take the brush part completely apart and this is what  I see.


The brush has a gap between it and the wall and hair and dust can get wound up in the gap.  It completely stops the brush from spinning.  I would like to add, that this little vacuum is designed for pet hair.  Pet hair may be shorter, but this cleaner should not have a problem like this.  I would clean for a while, then have to stop, take it apart, clean it out, and continue.  It makes the task take four times longer! I bought the silly thing for convenience’s sake. (We only have one rug and the linoleum floors can be swept.)  It is not convenient to take it apart when I use it.

It also only holds a charge for a couple of hours and you can’t keep the vacuum on the charger.  You have to decide in advance when you are going to use it, charge it, then use it.  If you decide later that day you want to use it again, too bad! Charge it again!  It does not make me want to use it . (Not that I enjoyed vacuuming before, but it makes it more annoying)  I wish companies were required to put a usability rating on boxes so I would have known this was going to be annoying.

This was the rug I was supposed to be vacuuming with the vacuum in question sitting on top.





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