Oreo’s Usability

I recently was enjoying some Oreos and on a whim decided to look up their website. (Writing a blog post about the usability of the cookie would be far too short, I’d write crunch, crunch, and then it would be done) The design is brightly colored and fun. Oreo is celebrating their 100th anniversary and  the main banner is decorated with confetti and is the main focal point of the page.

There is a button you can click that takes you to a website devoted just to that but its not very interesting. You can watch a video where people talk about how much they love oreos but mostly its just a repositioning and repeating of the main links on the home page.

So lets say I want to contact Oreo to tell them I think they’re awesome.  Where do I go? Well, I can use social media since their little icons are situated at the top right of the page. Well, thats convenient but lets try a more formal method, maybe there is more formal contact info at the bottom…

Oh, hey, more social media at the bottom.  Seems rather redundant to have it twice but maybe they just want to make sure…

Ok, three separate sections on the home page just for social media.  I understand Oreo, you want us to use your social media. I just want your company contact information!  There is nothing on the main page that indicates who I can contact about Oreo unless I do it via social media. Lets try Products.

Well, now I am at Nabisco world.  Nabisco owns Oreo, I remember that so thats fine and there’s a contact us link! Hurray!

What is this? Who is Mondelez affiliates Inc? Its webpage conveniently opens to a FAQ but that answer is not evident here.  There is however a link on the left side that states “Email Us” But I have to choose a subject and none of them are close to what I want. Oh well, Oreo, I just won’t compliment you then. I had to hunt for your contact information through Oreo’s site, then Nabisco, and then got to Mondelez Affiliates, and then you make me choose a subject heading.  Too much work. No compliment for you! I’ll just eat another cookie! (Try the fudge cremes,  they are delightfully addicting)

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